Product functions

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After you have selected a product you can still make changes to it. To do this you briefly press on the article in the receipt screen. Note: It's important where you click on the article. If you press on the article name (left of the x-sign) you get different options than when you press on the price (right of the x-sign).

Product options

When you press on the name of the article, you get the following options:

  • 'Note' you can enter a comment which will be placed directly below the product for the production ticket or the kitchen or bar screen. You can enter the note by using the keyboard that appears on the screen
  • 'Edit' you can change the course of the article. For example, someone wants to have a starter served as a main course. On the production ticket or production screen, the item will then be printed or shown as the main item
  • 'Extra' you can add a pre-programmed extra option. These extra options are defined in the back office. This prevents you from having to type comments every time (e.g. "With straw" or "Without lemon")
  • In the 'drink' the option 'Mix items' also appears. This allows you to combine items. For example a Bacardi and Cola. First save the item Cola, then the Mix items function, and then the item Bacardi. On the production ticket, the Bacardi will appear as a remark. On the invoice, the VAT will be split between the two items

Price options

When you click on the price of an item, you will get the following options:

  • Via the plus sign of 'More' you can increase the number of items by +1
  • Via the minus sign of 'Less' you can decrease the number of items by -1
  • 'Edit' you can enter the number of items yourself
  • 'Discount' you can give a discount. This adjustment in the form of a discount, representation, fraction or or your own defined discount. When you choose discount you can assign an amount or discount percentage. An extra line will appear in the list of orders
  • If you want to delete a product or an unconfirmed order line, click "Delete"

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