Adding time restrictions to your menus

Adding time periods

If you have purchased the additional module for the menu planner you can add a period under 'time periods'. This allows you to activate a menu for a specific period, time or day.

To add a time period, press "+Add time period".

  1. Enter the 'Name' of the time period, e.g., 'Lunch'
  2. Check 'All day', if the time period is relates to the whole day
  3. Enter the 'Start date and time'
  4. Enter the 'Duration' of the time period, e.g., number of hours
  5. Enable 'is repeatable', if it is a repeating event, e.g., lunch from 11am to 5pm
  6. Enter the details for the repeating event, X times every day/weeks/months/years
  7. Determine when the repetition stops, enter a date when you choose "On". When you choose the option "Never" it will continue to run

To adjust a time period, click the "pencil icon" next to the time period. This will bring you to the screen to change the time period.

To delete a time period, click on the "trash can icon" next to the time period. Confirm the deletion by pressing "Ok" . Note: deleted time periods can not be restored.

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