Adding and managing turnover groups


The booq POS system comes with the turnover groups that you have specified in advance. Each product should always be linked to a turnover group. These groups consist of a parent turnover group and sub groups. These groups are displayed in the report and can be entered into the general ledger accounts.

Creating a parent turnover group and sub groups

To create a main turnover group, got to 'turnover groups' and click on "+ add turnover group" (top right corner). Enter the name and click "save". If you want to add a 'sub turnover group', first select the main turnover group followed by the "+ add group" button. Enter the name, check that the parent group is selected and click "save".

Changing a parent group and sub-group

To change a turnover group, click the "pencil icon" next to the group. If you expand the parent group, you will also see the sub groups. After clicking the "pencil icon", you will be taken to a screen to modify the turnover group. Click "save".

Deleting a parent department and a sub department

To delete a turnover group, click the "trash can icon" next to the group. Confirm the deletion by clicking "ok". If the group still has subgroups, you must first delete them. Please note that deleted turnover groups cannot be restored but historical data will remain available.

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