Adding a menu with multiple options

1. Linking option menus (3:18)

Creating and linking option menus

An option menu can be linked to a product where one could or must make a choice.

Under 'Articles' section, click "Option Menus" and then "+Add Option Menu". Complete the following fields:

  1. Name: fill in the name of the option menu
  2. Must be prepared separately: this determines whether the options from this menu must be produced separately at your production facilities
  3. Minimum selection: specifies the minimum number of choices to be made from the options. If there is no need to make a choice you leave it at 0. But if, for example, a cooking method of a steak has to be chosen, then the minimum number of choices is 1
  4. Maximum selection: this determines the maximum number of choices that can be made from the options
  5. Next add the different selection options. To do this, click on the blue line "+ Add option item"
  6. Option name: enter the name of the option
  7. Type: Choose from 'remark' or 'product option'
  8. Hide on receipt: by default the option will not be printed on the invoice. Choose "no" if you want to show it
  9. Click "Add"
  10. To add a product with an option, choose "product option" at 'type'. You now have the option to link an item and calculate an additional price. When you do this, the option price of that item will be calculated
  11. If a product gets an extra price, choose "no" at 'hide on receipt'.
  12. Should be prepared separately: this determines whether the product option will be prepared separately and therefore printed separately on the printer and not under the product which the option is located
  13. Product: select the product to be linked. By typing the name it will become visible. Confirm by clicking the "add" button
  14. Once you have added the options click "Save" at the bottom right

Linking an option menu

To link an option menu, go to 'Products' and search for the product to which you want to link one or more option menus. Click the "pencil icon" in front of the product and select the option menu you want to add under 'Pop-ups'. After selecting the correct option menu, click on the blue line "+Add option menu" and the option menu is added.

Repeat these steps if you want to add multiple option menus to the article.

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