Adding and managing payment methods (incl. payment menus)

Steps to create and adjust payment methods

In booq POS you can create different payment methods.

You can only create a payment method 'cash' and/or 'invoice'. For the other payment methods you need a license and the configuration also includes other changes to the system.

To add a payment method 'cash' and/or 'invoice', click "+ add payment method" in the top right corner, if you are in the section 'Payment > Payment methods'.

  1. Fill in the 'name' of the payment method
  2. Choose type 'cash' and/or 'invoice'
  3. Choose the 'currency' (default set to Euro)
  4. Add the 'store configuration'. Choose whether to open a cash drawer
  5. Choose whether to 'show amount dialog'. Click "Save" and "Save" again at the bottom right

Adding a payment method to the payment method menu

You have to add a payment method to the payment menu. To do this, click "payment menus" under 'Payment' in the main menu on the left. In the screen that appears, click "payment methods" and you will see the current payment methods. Click on the newly created payment method on the right and drag it into the 'payment methods'.

Adjusting a payment method

To adjust a payment method, click "payment methodsI" and then click the "pencil iconI" next to the payment method you want to edit. This will take you to the screen to change the payment method. Make the changes and click "save" at the bottom right.

Deleting a payment method

Removing a payment method from the cashier screen can be done via 'payment menus'. Click on "payment methods" and then the "trash can icon" next to the payment method in question and click "ok" to confirm that you want to delete it.

You can also completely remove the payment method. To do this, go to 'payment methods' in the menu on the left and click the "trash can icon" next to the payment method in question. After this you confirm the deletion by clicking "ok". Please note that the payment method will be completely deleted and cannot be restored. However, it is still available in the historical data for reporting purposes.

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