Adding and managing price levels

Creating and modifying price levels

In booq POS it is possible to use a different price level in addition to the normal price. You can set this by using price level. Price levels are often used for special events, for a takeaway or delivery service or for regular guests/debtors who pay a pre-agreed price.

In booq POS you can activate price levels in different ways:

  • By pressing a key in the app
  • Linking a price level to a facility
  • Linking a price level to a customer/debtor
  • Linking a price level to a store

If you have multiple stores, you can select a price level for each store.

Adding a price level

To add a price level go to 'Price levels' in the left menu. At 'Product group' you can choose which Product group you want to add a price level to. Do this by clicking on the blue button "+ Add price level" at the top right.

You need to fill in some details:

  • The 'Name' of the price level; for example, Takeaway menu
  • The 'Sort order': with this you determine the order of the price levels in the back office
  • 'Number in app': this determines the order of the price level in the app

Click "Save". You will now see that an extra column 'takeaway menu' has been added.

You can enter the prices of the price level next to the product and below the price level concerned. You do this by clicking on it, typing the price, and confirming with 'enter'. You do this for all products and possibly also for other product groups.

If you do not enter a price the standard price will be used. By entering 0 the product will be charged at 0-price.

Changing price level

To make changes to a price level, click the "pencil icon" to the right of the price level name. After modifying it, you can "save" it at the bottom right.

Deleting a price level

To delete the entire price level, press the "trash can icon" next to the price level name. Confirm the deletion by pressing "Ok". Deleted price levels cannot be restored.

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Assigning price levels to your store