Manage products and create new ones

How to manage products

In 'Articles' you can create products, which will then be available to add to the menu(s). A product, must relate to a product group. The video about Product groups explains how to create these. By default, booq POS already contains several groups.

  1. To edit an existing product, click "the pencil icon" next to the item. This will take you to the screen to edit the product
  2. To copy a product, click "the copy icon" next to the product. After this, the product will be copied with the product name and the extension (copy). This is a quick way to add related products to the system
  3. To delete a product, click the "trash bin icon" next to the product. Confirm the deletion by pressing "OK". Deleted products can not be restored, however sold products from the past will still be displayed
  4. To add a new product, press "+Add product" at the top right. For an overview of all the settings, please watch the video Product details

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