Have a payment QR code printed by default


Put your customers in control with booq POS Payment: booq POS Payment enables customers to pay when they want via the QR code on the receipt or handheld. Customers never have to wait for staff anymore. It also saves your team time and effort, so you can do more with less people. Want to know more? Click here

When using booq POS Payment, the QR-code is always printed on the receipt when printing a suspense account. It is also possible to print the receipt with the QR code during the first order round. This is set up in the back office.

  1. Go to General > General.
  2. Click the pencil icon to edit the store. Then click Settings and go to booq POS payment QR ticket settings.
  3. Here you can enable Print first round QR.
  • The default setting is that the receipt with the QR code is printed on the printer connected to the fixed cash register or the handheld in use. You can also choose to have the receipt with the QR code printed with another fixed printer, for example the bar printer.

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