Adding a fixed-price menu

Add and modify fixed-price menus

With 'fixed-price menus', you can quickly and efficiently set up multi-course choice menus for a fixed price. With a drop-down menu, you can use the normal product assortment. Although the individual prices may add up to be higher, booq POS will calculate the set menu price.

Please note that the fixed-price menu cannot be less expensive than the individual items added together. If a fixed-price menu has already been created, you can easily copy the menu and then modify it.

Adding a fixed-menu

To create a new fixed-menu:

  1. Click on "+Add fixed-menu" at the top right
  2. Enter the 'name' of the menu, for example "Three-course menu"
  3. At 'Price' enter the total price of the menu
  4. Click "Save" in the bottom right

Now that the menu has been created, the submenus or courses need to be added:

  1. Click "+Add submenu"
  2. Enter the 'name' of the submenu. For example, "starters" and select the course that applies to the submenu
  3. Click "Save" in the lower right corner
  4. Repeat the steps for the 'Main Courses' submenu and the 'Desserts' submenu. If you do not enter a course, the individual products will use their predefined course

Linking products to fixed-price menus

Now that you've created the submenus, the products that customers can choose need to be added. You do this on the right-hand side where the total master file of products is located. Here you select the products that are part of the three-course menu. Tick them and then drag them to the right submenu. Do this for both Appetizers, Main Courses and Desserts.

Surcharge setting for fixed-price menu

You can calculate a surcharge for an item that is part of a fixed-price menu. Use the arrow to open the 'submenu' and click the "pencil icon" behind the item. Fill in the surcharge for this item. In the example you see the item with a surcharge of €2. When the fixed-price menu is entered on the cash register and salmon is chosen as the main course, the total amount will be €27.

Copy a fixed-price menu

If you want to create a similar menu to the one you already have, you can copy the existing menu by clicking on the two squares behind it. The menu will automatically appear again and can be modified as desired using the 'pencil icon'. Don't forget to save the fixed-price menu at the bottom right. You can of course also edit the products belonging to the copied menu.

Link a fixed-price menu to the menu

When you have created a fixed-pice menu, it will be found in your product assortment. Before you can link the fixed-price menu to your menu card, you must first look up the fixed-price menu in the product overview ('Articles' > 'Products') and provide it with a 'product group' and 'turnover group'.

Click "Save" and go to 'Menus'. Click on "Menus" and locate the three-course fixed-price menu under 'products'. Drag the fixed-price menu to the menu and place it under 'Main Courses', for example.

For more information on linking products to the menu, check out the tutorial Menu management.

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