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FAQ - Pilot phase


How does the tap-to-pay and order-taking feature work on this device?

The device integrates order management and payment processing into one seamless interface. Waitstaff can take orders using the touchscreen, which is sent directly to the kitchen. For payment, customers tap their contactless card or mobile device on the reader to complete their transaction.

Tap to Pay employs NFC technology for secure communication between your card/device and the terminal, swiftly transmitting payment information for processing.

What types of payments can be accepted with this device?

Visa and MasterCard contactless-enabled cards and mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay work with Tap to Pay. We continuously expand our card acceptance.

Can I accept Girocard? 

Yes, since it is co-branded, the fees will be linked to MasterCard transactions.

How can I track sales and analyze data with this device?

All the information will be displayed in your dish POS back office., in addition, in our dish pay dashboard we will have a detailed overview of all in-person payments

I already have a handheld - can I use the tap-to-pay functionality?

Please contact the DISH Support team for that.

Where can I see all my transactions?

  • All transactions made via Tap to Pay will be reported into your DISH POS reporting
  • Access your card transactions and payout history via your dashboard on

What are the associated costs for SoftPos?

Please refer to the price sheet available on for detailed information.

How can I share receipts with customers?

The receipt can be printed from your main printer linked to your DISH POS.


Are there transaction limits?

  • Transaction limits vary by card issuer and regulations, set to ensure security and prevent fraud.
  • If the transaction limit is above the limit for transactions without PIN verification, the device will display a PIN pad on the screen for the cardholder to input their PIN.

My transaction gets declined - why?

  • There are several reasons why this can happen. Please check that you are positioning the card correctly. If issues persist, try using a traditional payment terminal. For further assistance, contact dish support.
  • If the Contactless transaction failed
    • Check if the card is contactless enabled (small logo on the card)
    • Use an Alternative payment method

    What if my mobile device shuts down during a transaction?

    If this occurs, you can conveniently check the status of your transactions via your Dashboard by logging into

How can I process a refund?

  • Follow the same process as for refunds on your DISH POS.


What security measures are in place for payment processing?

Our device is equipped with end-to-end encryption for all transactions, is PCI DSS compliant, and supports tokenization to ensure customer payment information is secure and protected against fraud.

I already have a handheld - can I use the tap-to-pay functionality?

Please contact the DISH Support team for that.

How can I get another device?

Contact the Dish Support team

My device is not working - what do I do?

  1. Try to turn it On/Off
  2. Update the App
  3. Verify you have a valid Wi-Fi connection
  4. Contact the Dish Support Team

My device doesn't turn on - what should I do?

  • Please try to power the device. If the issue persists, call dish support for further assistance.

I'm experiencing issues with the app - what should I do?

  • Please try to update the app. If the issue persists, contact dish support for further assistance.

What happened if NFC isn't enabled?

If the NFC functionality of the device is not enabled, the payment request will fail. You must ensure NFC is always ON on the device.

No lock screen (pattern/pin code) is enabled

The device as it accepts payment must ensure the highest security, a PIN code must be enabled for the device to unlock it from “safe mode”

The device doesn't have the right Android version (in practice, this can happen if the user tries to use TTP on an old Sunmi L2S device).

You must ensure the device is always to lasted Android version for security purposes.


Is internet connectivity required to use the device?

An internet connection is required for real-time order processing and payment transactions. The device can connect via Wi-Fi.

On which network can SoftPos operate - Cellular network or Wi-Fi? Are there any restrictions for Wi-Fi (e.g., firewall)

Wi-Fi connection.

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