Adding and managing derived menus

Step by step instructions:

A 'derived menu' allows you to create a menu under the existing menu.

All changes in the "normal" menu will also automatically appear in the derived menu, but groups and/or products can be expanded or added separately. A derived menu is often used for example in a webshop or in a multi-store environment.

To create a derived menu follow these steps:

  1. Go to "+ Add menu"
  2. Give the derived menu a 'name'
  3. Enable 'is derived menu'
  4. Choose the 'Base menu' and the 'Store' where the derived menu should be placed

Below the menu you will find the derived menu. It has the same submenus as the parent menu. With a derived menu you can turn a submenu on or off and add other submenus that the parent map does not have. You can also turn products on or off and add them.

Use the "trash can icon" to turn off a submenu or product. The trash can icon will change into a '+ icon'. If you want to turn it on again you have to choose the "+ icon". This can also be done on at product level. To turn a product "off", click the "trash can icon". Click "+ icon" to turn the product on again.

By using the "+ symbol" behind a main category in the menu you can add an extra subgroup.

The derived card can be linked to a 'facility' (area or table).

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Managing and arranging menus (incl. sub-menus)