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With the Amsterdam release, the Z-report has been revised.

The 'Z report' is a classic cash register report and provides a complete overview of the various services provided started and ended on a day. The Z-Report covers one working day (unless configured otherwise) of 06:00 to 05:59.

Various adjustments have been made to the Z-report so that it better meets current needs. The modified parts are shown in the table below:


New report

Old report

Added store address

In the booq Backoffice, it is now possible to enter a store address. The entered address details will be displayed in the header of the Z-report.

Only the branch name was displayed. No address details.

Report title


Total overview (YZ) cash drawer services

Sub-report titles and order

The following sub-reports are available:

1. Sales revenue

2. VAT overview *

3. Payments *

4. Advance payments

5. Cancellations **

6. Discounts

7. Revenue per employee

8. Cash transactions **

* adjusted

** new

The following sub-reports are no longer available:

Tips: (This is now part of the turnover per employee sub-report).

Advance payments: "Advance payments" has been chosen because in the future there will be not only "Down payments" but also, for example, gift card balances. Obligation here is the accounting term whereby a restaurant owner has obligations to still provide services for the outstanding amount.

As an example, the down payment is €300, but over time the outstanding balance has become €250.

Sub-report "sales"

Sales are displayed per revenue subgroup.

  • Columns for 'net amount' and 'VAT amount' have been added.

Sales were displayed per item.

New sub-report "Revenue per Employee"

Total revenue per employee for the reporting period.

  • Revenue is assigned to the employee who closed the order.
  • Three columns: 'gross including VAT', 'net amount', 'tip'.

This report was not available.

New sub-report "Advance payments"

The total of non-revenue related receipts, such as:

  • Sales of Gift cards
  • Topping up Xafax cards
  • Prepaid amounts on an order that occurred during the reporting period.
  • These obligations are NOT displayed as turnover in any other sub
  • report (sales revenue, VAT overview, cash transactions, revenue per employee).
  • "Reduced advance payments" (redeemed gift cards, Xafax payments) are displayed in the payments overview.
  • Three columns: 'gross including VAT', 'net amount', 'tip'.

This report was not available.

Sub-report VAT Overview

Now, it also displays the amount including VAT.

Previously, only the amount excluding VAT and the VAT amount were displayed.

End date field

This remains empty until all services are closed.

Previously, the end date was always filled in.

Sequence number title

Z-report number

Sequence number YZ

General display

If a sub-report doesn't completely fit on one page, the entire sub-report shifts to a new page.

Previously, a sub-report that didn't fit on one page was "split" and distributed across 2 pages.

Example of the revised Z-report:

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