An overview of the general functions for an open table

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Once you have opened a table, a number of features become available. These are displayed when you click on "the 3 white dots" in the blue bar. Note: Not all of these features may be available to you. At the booq POS handover it will be determined which ones are available to you. If any features are missing, you can make them available through the back office.

  • 'Number of guests' you can link the number of customers to the table. When you work with a fixed customer number per table, you can also use this feature to change the number of customers
  • 'Description' you can add text. For example, a name for the table, which will be printed on both the production ticket and the receipt
  • 'Delivery time' you can enter the delivery time followed by a comment. For example, the address. These are both printed on the production ticket
  • When you have orders for take away / pick up, you can enter the pickup time via 'Pickup time'. This is also printed on the production ticket [1:08]
  • 'Price level' you can switch between different price levels
  • 'Pager number' you can enter the number of the pager you want to link. This is then displayed on the receipt and the production ticket with the text 'Your receipt number'
  • 'Cash transactions', you get the option to enter cash transactions. For example cash in, cash out, gift card and credit up. After you have made your choice you can enter a comment, the amount, and the payment method
  • 'Select table' you can enter a table number and the table will be opened immediately. You can do the same by swiping from the right to the left
  • 'Customers' you can link a customer/debtor to the table. This will, if applicable, also activate the price level that is linked to the customer/debtor. When paying for the table with the payment method 'Invoice' there will be no question about which customer/debtor it concerns
  • 'Print order' you can print the sub total of an open table. Using the feature 'Print...' you can select a different invoice printer
  • 'Drawer open' the cash drawer (if connected to the printer) is opened. This feature is only shown when the receipt is empty
  • When your cash register is connected to a webshop, you can define the minimum pick-up time by clicking 'Adjust delivery / pickup time'. The minimum pickup time is immediately changed in your order site
  • If your cash register is linked to Xafax, you can view the balance via 'Card balance'

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