Adjusting the stock information of a product on your device

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In the top left corner you will see the 'hamburger menu' - 3 stacked lines. If you click on this menu, a list of features appears, including 'Stock'.

booq POS stock editor allows you to enter items that are limited in stock, and block the sale when the items are out of stock:

  1. To set the stock level of the product, briefly press the item whose stock you want to set
  2. Enter the 'quantity'
  3. If you check 'automatic daily zeroing', the item will start daily with a stock of 0. As long as you do not enter the stock, the product cannot be sold
  4. Click "OK"

You can also remove the stock function by pressing long on the product. In the menu, the current stock is displayed in different colours. The colour is grey when there is sufficient stock, orange when there is 8 pieces or less, and red when there is 4 pieces or less.

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