Adding and managing customers

Steps for managing a guest (customer)

In booq POS you can work with customers/debtors. These can be created via the back office and become available in the app under 'General > customers' and the payment method 'invoice'.

Create customer

To create a new customer or debtor, click "+ add customer". If you have a long list of customers, there is the option to import a CSV document - please contact the DISH POS service desk for this.

  1. 'Name': fill in the name of the customer, this is mandatory
  2. 'Parent'If the customer is part of a debtor, select the relevant debtor
  3. 'Is person': when you activate this, you can enter additional fields with the personal data such as first name, last name, etc
  4. 'User ID': the unique ID for the customer
  5. 'Invoice currency': if the customer pays with a different currency
  6. 'Invoice credit limit': the limit that the customer may have in outstanding items
  7. 'Invoice credit allowed': this has to be ticked if payment on account is allowed. If it is not ticked, it can be looked up with the card and settled with regular payment methods with a different price level if necessary
  8. 'Payer': which customer pays for the invoice, by default equal to the customer
  9. 'Price level': the price level is active for the customer. 'None' means the regular price
  10. 'Search key': by what code can the customer be found
  11. 'Locale': language of the customer
  12. 'Card ID': card number for retrieving the customer data via an NFC tag or barcode
  13. 'Active': If checked the customer is active. If this is not checked you cannot book accounts as it cannot be found in the checkout app
  14. 'Description': the description field for the customer
  15. 'Email address': the email address of the customer
  16. 'Website': the customer's website
  17. 'Phone numbers': the customer's phone number

Once complete, click "Save" or "save and add another" (bottom right corner) .

Changing a customer

To change a customer, click the "pencil icon" next to the customer. This will bring you to the screen to edit the customer.

Delete customer

To delete a customer, click on the "trash can icon" next to the customer in question. Confirm the deletion by pressing "ok".

Note: deleted customers can not be restored, but historical data remains available.

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