Adjusting product details in the list view

View and adjust products

You can change the name, price, option price, VAT or product order of a product through the 'Product overview' screen.

  • Under 'Articles', click "Products"
  • Click once on the "Name" of the product to adjust it if needed
  • The TAB key enables you to quickly jump to the next product
  • Click once on "price" to adjust it. Use the TAB key to jump to the next adjustable field, like option price, VAT or product order
  • Use the "Filter" button to display only the items you want to adjust. For example, main dishes or items with a low VAT rate. e.g. Clicking "Apply filters" applies the filter. Now, the list only shows items that are linked to the low VAT rate
  • The button "Columns" allows you to hide fields that you do not need

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Adjusting product details

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