Adding and managing currencies

Steps for modifying currencies

In booq POS there is the option to work with multiple currencies. To change an existing currency, go to 'General > Currencies', and click the "pencil icon" next to the 'currency'. This takes you to the screen to change the currency.

Here you can change the following:

  1. 'name' of the currency
  2. 'currency symbol'
  3. 'code' of the currency
  4. 'exchange rate', which is 1 for Euros
  5. 'number of decimals'
  6. 'the smallest possible unit', 1 cent in this case (0.01)

Furthermore, you can give it 'your own reference', and an 'ID' is automatically linked to it.

Working with other currencies than the Euro

The euro is the standard currency in the booq POS system. If you want to work with other currencies, we advise you to contact our service desk first. They can inform you whether the currency function can be a solution.

🎓 Step-by-Step Instructions

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