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booq FAQs

General question

I only have a small HoReCa business, is booq POS suitable for me?

Yes, booq POS is built for smaller horeca businesses to very lager businesses! Since booq POS works modular, you can easily extend the number of POS-screens or extend it with handhelds or QR-ordering.

Is booq POS working in the cloud?

booq POS is a cloud based system, with an unique local set up that can be used as storage concept. Due to this set up, you have the benefits from the cloud that are combined with the power and security of the local mini-server.

Which hardware can I choose?

There is a predefined list with hardware which could be offered to the customers. This hardware is offering a competitive price, but a very high quality. The hardware is carefully selected based on several aspects – price/quality, replacements of parts, suitability as POS hardware.

Why would I add a handheld to my POS solution?

Working in the hospitality industry can be compared to top sport. It demands a lot from your staff and your cash register system. A good handheld is indispensable to be able to place orders directly at the table and to realize fast processing. You also avoid peak times because you don't have to walk back to the regular checkout and enter multiple orders at the same time. You can easily install the POS app on various devices. You choose whether you want to work with your own smartphones or professional handhelds. Smart functionalities make it easy for you and your employees. You see what the runners are. You can make changes to orders quickly. It also provides insights into production and real-time stock.

How do I create products, change prices or set menus?

In the booq Backoffice, the management environment of your POS system, you can set all the settings to your liking. Here you determine the product assortment, create tables, manage multiple locations or build menus. Not sure how to make a certain change? The tutorial environment, booq POS Tutorials, explains how it works with over 150 videos.

Is it possible to create sales reports?

The management dashboard in the Back Office gives you real-time sales figures to see how your business is doing. You also have free access to booq BI Basis, our Business Intelligence tool. Graphs, bar charts and trendlines allow you to steer by numbers. 

If my handheld goes down, can I continue working on another device? 

With booq you can easily switch from your regular cash register to a handheld. The sales data is updated in real time. If you are taking an order with your smartphone and the battery is empty, you can log in with the same account on a screen or different handheld and you can continue taking the order where you just left.

What about system updates? 

Updates are necessary to keep the system up-to-date and secure. Fortunately, you don't have to do any updates yourself. We do that for you. After each update we will let you know which new functionalities you can use. 

Can I use booq POS without QR-ordering? 

Yes, you can use booq POS without QR-ordering. This gives you all the functions of the booq POS at your disposal. The POS works as a fully-fledged solution, but without using the extensive self-service opportunities of QR-ordering. 

What is the booq POS licensing model like? / How does the investment looks like? 

The license model consists of a fixed and a flexible component. The hardware required to operate the system is purchased by the user. The user is therefore also the owner of this hardware. In addition, the software is offered in the form of a license model. Depending on the number of licenses, the amount to be paid may differ. booq POS works with a local mini server, which we also offer at a monthly rate. This mini-server remains the property of HD. Finally, an installation of the system is required. The user pays a one-time fee for this.

Why should I choose to work with the booq POS?

Too many reasons to list! booq POS is a proven technology, which has been under development for 10 years by 50 in-house software developers. Functionalities in booq POS may seem comparable to other systems, but have been developed with knowledge from the market! We know what hospitality entrepreneurs are looking for and have therefore made the features smarter than others. More explanation about the unique buying reasons of booq POS can be found in the training materials.

What if I have no internet connection. Can I still work?

If you lose connection with your internet provider, you can still work. Due to the unique setup with the mini-server, you can still manage transactions. The moment the internet connection with the provider is restored, data will be synced with your Backoffice again.

What is the difference between a front office and a Backoffice?

The Backoffice is the place where you setup your system and make the adjustments. So if you want to add a product, modify a price, look into reports, you go to your booq Backoffice. Front office (FO) is the areas of a hotel or restaurant and the staff members with whom guests or customers interact daily. They may answer questions, handle customer concerns and bring guests' food or other items. Front office hardware are cash registers, and handhelds on which the booq front office software runs.

How do I install my system? 

Don’t worry! We completely unburden you with our specialized consultants. The consultants prepare the system based on the customer's wishes. The customer himself provides an onboarding in which, for example, products, prices and menus are supplied. From there we take care of everything! We prepare the system and come to install it on location. In this way, the customer has a perfect experience with booq POS.

How many POS’ could I use at the same time?

It is easy to extend the number of POS’. You simply offer an extra screen (or handheld) with the required POS front office licence. That way you can extend the booq POS system super easy! A customers pays for the number of POS’ they’re using at the same time. If you have three screens, but using only two screens at the same moment; you could work with two front office licenses.

What type of device can run booq POS? 

You can run booq POS on Android (version 5 and above) or Apple (version 12 and above).  

Do I need internet access? 

No, you don’t need internet access to work on the booq POS app.  However, you do need internet access to make changes to the system (adding new products). Also, for QR ordering you need a working internet connection. 

What type of internet connection do I need? 

You need to have stable internet connection with a minimum of 10Mbit/s downstream and 1Mbit/s upstream. 

Can I connect the system by Wi-Fi? 

No, the mini server must be connected to a cable, just like the printer. The POS display and the EFT/PIN device can be connected to your local Wi-Fi.  

Can I connect the cash drawer directly to the POS screen?

No, you must connect the drawer to the printer.

Can I change the language of the POS system? 

Yes, you can change the language of the system of the user/waiter. This is done in the back office and changing the language settings of your browser. 


How do I edit my products/tables? 

First log in. In the back office you can edit/add products and tables. 

What information is available on the dashboard? 

The main dashboard displays the current turnover, the number of transactions, and the average spend. The number and turnover of open orders is also displayed. You will also be able to see last weeks turnover and the difference to the week before. 

Are more insights available? 

Yes, there is the BI basic module, here you get an overview of all the turnover. You can select your own data range and get insights on the top ten sold products, the best table, and the top ten sold items per staff member.  

Can I add new products? 

Yes, in the back office. Go to the products section in the menu and click +Add product.  

Can I add an option menu to a product? 

Yes, you can add an option menu to the main product. You can also add a surcharge to the product for an option like whipped cream on a hot chocolate.  

Can I add a product that contains multiple products? 

Yes, you can add a product with multiple products under it. In the back office, add a new product, and add the additional product(s) under composites. You can add as many products as you want. 

Can I create discount types? 

Yes, you can create amount and percentage discounts. Via the promotion module you can also give a discount on paid combinations, or a discount based on the amount of the bill. 

Can I set a background for the table map? 

Yes, you can upload your own background.

Will a ticket come out of the printer if the table is moved? 

Yes, you can determine per printer whether it is printed..

Can a product be printed on multiple printers? 

Yes, a product can be printed on multiple printers. 

Can I use different menus? 

Yes, you can create as many menus as you want and link them to a table/district. 

Can I combine items? 

Yes, you can combine products e.g., a Bacardi and Cola. 

Can an item have different prices? 

Yes, one item can have different prices per district, store, table, or debtor.

Can one POS have multiple locations? 

Yes, one POS can have multiple locations.

Yes, you can link multiple options.

Can I change menus based on time/date? 

Yes, you can change the menu based on time/date.

Can I see sales in real time? 

Yes, via the dashboard you can see turnover in real time.

Can I work with stock? 

In booq POS you can enter critical stock, but please note that it is not a stock program. 

Can I split a table? 

Yes, you can split a table and pay in parts.

Can I pass courses to my kitchen? 

Yes, via the app you can let the kitchen know that the guest wants the next course. 

Can I set user permissions? 

Yes, permissions can be set to determine what each user is allowed to do or is allowed to do with authorisation from the manager.

Can I export reports to PDF/Excel? 

You can export the most frequently used reports to PDF/Excel.


Is there a possibility to log in to some kind of portal, so that as a business owner (customer) you can see which cards etc. are in use?

We do not have a portal for customers to retrieve all gift card transactions. As standard, we provide clear and well-organised reports with all the information the customer needs. These will be sent to the customer by email on a monthly basis, through the support department this deadline can be changed.

How can the cardholder view a balance?

New customers receive a link of the balance checker with a guide on how to place it on their website. This link will also be printed on the gift card, allowing customers to check the balance via the website.

How do I get a statement showing how much was debited and when?

There is a monthly report that contains all the information needed for accounting purposes.

Can I temporarily block a card if it is lost?

This is not possible. Should the gift card be lost, they can redeem (pay for) the gift card themselves via the till to activate and send a new gift card.

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