Waiter App - Splitting or moving a table

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In this tutorial, we show you how to split and move a table on the Waiter App


Start by long pressing the table with the order you want to manage.

  • A pop-up window will then appear with multiple options. Tap on Move order, to move the items to another table.
  • Then select the table you wish to move your order to, by setting the checkmark next to the correct table and confirm your choice by tapping on OK.
  • pop-up will appear notifying you that your order has been moved successfully.

To split a table, first choose the table you want to split.

  • Then open the options' menu, and press Split/move.

To split the items on the App and let them be paid separately, you need to move the according items to another table. To do so, select the respective items and then tap on the move order icon.

  • Then select the table you want to move the selected items to, by setting the respective checkmark.
  • pop-up will appear notifying you that your order has been moved successfully. The selected item has been removed from the original order and is assigned to the new table. Therefore, the order has been split.

That's it. You completed the tutorial and now know how to split and move a table.

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