Finding products with the search and filter function

Search a product via search / filter

Search products

In booq POS you have the option to search for an article by going to 'Articles > products':

  • If you want to search for an article, you can enter the name or part of the name of the article in the field 'type to search', followed by enter
  • This will display all products that meet the search criteria

You can also search specifically for an article within a product group:

  • At 'Product group' click the dropdown menu, where the default is "all"
  • Press the down arrow of Product groups to display the underlying groups
  • Select the groups that you want to filter. Only the items in that product group will then be displayed 
Filter products

If you want to filter a particular price/tax, name, article groups and/or turnover groups, this is possible via 'Filter products'. 

  • Click on "Filter" at the top right
  • You can use several filters simultaneously
  • Enter the criteria on which you want to filter
  • Click on "Apply Filters" at the bottom right
  • All articles that meet the criteria will then be displayed
  • If you have set up filters and want to delete them, click on the cross next to the filter or on "Filter" in the upper right corner and then on "Delete all filters" in the lower right corner

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