Managing and arranging menus (incl. sub-menus)

To make changes in your cash register go to 'General admin', click "general", and then click the "transmit" button in the top right corner. It takes about two minutes before all changes are visible in your cash register.

Managing menus

Using 'Menus' you can add newly created products or fixed-price menus to the menu. The menu overview consists of 3 columns, 'Menus', 'Selected menu', and 'Products'.

Under 'Menus' you will find the menus that are active within your restaurant environment. When you select a particular menu, the middle column will display this menu in detail. In this column you can see which product groups are currently being used in the cash register. On the right-hand side, in the items column, you will find all the products in the system. You can use the search function to find and select products.

You can drag products to the restaurant menu by opening the desired product group in the menu and dragging the desired item from the product column to this group. You can drag multiple items at once. The order of the selection is also the order in which they are placed within the menu. Newly added products are always listed at the bottom. You can then move them by dragging and dropping them at the desired location.

The products are then displayed in the same order on the cash register, where you can choose, for example, to place the best-selling products at the top.

Adding/editing/deleting a submenu

Under a product group you can create new submenus for the products that fall under it, by clicking "+Add submenu". You can then choose a colour which will be used in the app for this submenu. By clicking on + Upload image, you can upload your desired picture of a maximum of 4 MB.

To add products, select them in the right column and drag them to the desired location in the submenu. Click on the "pencil icon" to change the name of the submenu. If you want to delete the submenu click on the "trash bin icon" and confirm that you want to delete. Please note that deleted submenus cannot be restored.

Adding an extra menu

It is also possible to create additional menus. To do this, click the "+Add menu" button at the top right. You can link a menu to a location, for example, a seating area, table or restaurant location.

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