Retrieving shift reports

Steps for creating shift reports

This section is called 'Shift report' in the back office.

Under 'finances' you will find 'Shift report'. By selecting a specific day you can view the turnover of one or more employees or turnover of the entire day. Via 'Reports > Day report drawer shifts' you can retrieve data for the selected day. This report gives an overview of all items sold, checkout keys, VAT and discounts.

The other day reports such as 'shift particularities' shows information like discount, representation and movements. 'Orders on day' is the log file of the cash register and shows everything that has been done that day.

To select one or more employees, select the cash drawer of the employee in question (use the CTRL key to add a second employee), go to overviews, and service report. You'll see the report of the selected employees.

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