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Click 'Settings > Menu and order screen'. Here you can adjust the settings and display of the menu and order screen.

  • 'Product items font size' you can adjust the font size of the product groups and products
  • 'Product presentation' you can set whether the product name is displayed in 1 or 2 lines in the button
  • 'Order big font size' you can set the font size of the product name on the receipt screen
  • 'Order small font size' you can set the font size of the other product information on the receipt screen. This includes for example the number of products, the amount and comments
  • 'Menu layout' tells the booq POS app which menu layout should be shown. As the name suggests, 'Phone' is suitable for phones and 'Tablet' for wider screens such as tablets
  • 'Calculator buttons height' you can change the size (small, medium or large) of numeric and pay keys on the tablet view
  • 'Default expansion of menu functions' you can set the number of rows of functions above the numeric section. By default the app shows one row of functions, but this can be changed to 0, 2 or 3 rows
  • 'Max number of columns' you can set the number of columns for the product groups. By default this is set to 3 columns
  • 'Auto expand payment keyboard' you can set whether the numeric part and payment keys are displayed by default
  • 'Delivery time' a comment field is shown by default. Via 'Method of address entry when using delivery time' you can also choose to show the customer selection (regular debtors/customers) or use 'No further action'

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