Functions of the dashboard

Starting the booq POS back office

  • The dashboard is the first page you arrive at when you log in. Here you see an overview of the live turnover. At a glance you can see how much turnover you have made today, in how many transactions this was done, the average amount spent and any open orders
  • The back office is made for a desktop environment. The dashboard can be reached from a mobile phone, but you can't navigate further
  • If you have several stores, then you have the option to select a 'Store' in the top left corner. You will then only see the turnover of that store, but by default this is set to all branches
  • From the dashboard you can navigate further into the back office. This is divided into four categories: 'Articles', 'Finances' - containing reports, 'General' and 'Payment'. You can find a tutorial for each part of the back office by navigating further in booq POS tutorials

🎓 Step-by-Step Instructions

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