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booq POS BI Basis vs. booq POS BI Basis+: By default, booq POS BI gives you access to a number of dashboards that display basic reports. booq POS BI Basis + gives you more depth of data than you get from booq POS Bricks.

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You're almost ready to start using booq POS BI! As booq POS BI provides insight to more data than the DISH POS back office it is necessary to first give user groups access to DISH POS BI. This way you can make sure your data is only accessible to those whom it is meant for!

The correct setting of roles and rights (also called 'permissions') is done via the booq POS back office:

  1. Log in via Fill in your email address and password and click "log in". You are now in the booq POS Back office
  2. Under 'General' in the main menu you will find the category "User groups". Here you will find the user groups you have set up for your business. Click the "pencil icon", to the left of the user group, expand the submenu 'financial' by clicking on the arrow to the left of it
  3. Click the "all" box under booq POS BI. This gives all employees linked to this user group access to DISH POS BI. Click "Save". When you refresh the booq POS back office you will find the button "booq POS BI" under the heading 'Finances' in the main menu. By clicking on this button, booq POS BI opens in a new screen

You are now ready to enjoy the benefits of booq POS BI!

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