Adding and managing fixed discounts for your stores

With standard discounts, you can set a fixed discount that applies to the entire enterprise or store. You set this up in the back-office. As an example for a promotional campaign, where this function can be applied: "In June we give a 1% discount per degree Celsius above 15 on our terrace and in the entire restaurant."

Step by step list

  1. Go to the back-office.
  2. Go to General > General.
  3. You will see an overview of all the stores. Click on the pencil icon in front of the store you want to edit.
  4. You can add a discount under Standard discounts in the left menu.
  5. Click + Add row.
  6. You can now enter the following details for a discount:
  • You can change the name of the discount in the Description.
  • At the Value you can enter a number that either means a percentage % or a fixed amount: Euro.
  • The trashcan can be clicked to remove the discount.
Note: This discount now applies to the entire store.

🎓 Step-by-step instructions

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