Working with the app

An overview of the general functions for an open table

Once you have opened a table, a number of features become available to you. These are displayed when you click on the 3 white dots in the blue bar.

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App sign in/out

In booq POS you and your employees can sign in with a login code and/or NFC card.

Updated 10 months ago

Block view

If you are not using a table map, you will get the block view by default.

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If you are not using a table map, you will get the block view by default.

Updated 10 months ago

Flexible payment during visit

When an order is being settled, it is possible to enter a higher amount than the total amount. When you then select a payment method, the change and tipping function is activated.

Sylvester Bekkerin
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Within booq pos it is possible to create a fixed-price menu.

Updated 10 months ago

Open table

Opening a table in the App can be done in three ways: the grid, table map and the table entry screen.

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Product functions

After you have selected a product you can still make various changes to it. To do this you briefly press on the article in the receipt screen.

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It is possible through the checkout app to return packaging for recycling

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Screen features

Within the app there are features which are available when you press a button down for a longer time (the so-called long press).

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Splitting or moving a table

First open the table you want to move, then press function button 'Split/move' you will get a new screen.

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Table functions

When you choose a table, it will open. By pressing a table for a longer time (long press) more features will become visible.

Updated 10 months ago

Table map

In the table map, booq POS works with a colour indicator, whose times you set in the back office.

Updated 10 months ago

Waiter App - Splitting or moving a table

In this tutorial, we show you how to split and move a table on the Waiter App.. Steps. Start by long pressing the table with the order you want to manage. A pop-up window will then appear with multip…

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