Add new product

You can read in this tutorial how to add a new product to the product range and then to a specific menu.. Step by step list. Add product to product range. Go to Articles > Products. At the top right,…

Updated 6 months ago

Assigning allergens to products

Setting Allergens for products in booq

Updated 4 months ago

Modify product info directly on overview page

You can change the name, price, option price, VAT or product order of a product through the 'Product overview' screen.

Updated 8 months ago

Product composites and combideals

Using product composites you can link multiple products to one main product. This can be used for arrangements or package deals.

Updated 8 months ago

Product details view and edit

Products are listed in the products section and here you will see a number of properties per product

Updated 3 months ago

Product management

In "Products" you can create products, which will then be available to add to the menu(s).

Updated 8 months ago

Production order on ticket

Products are displayed on your production ticket or kitchen screen based on the product code. By setting a unique product order in the back office, you can determine the follow order.

Updated 8 months ago

Sales restriction

Sales restrictions apply to items that may only be sold to guests with a minimum age.

Updated 6 months ago

Search and filter products

In DISH POS you have the option to search for an article or to filter a particular price/tax, name, article groups and/or turnover group.

Updated 8 months ago