Adjusting the stock information of a product on your device

Booq's stock editor allows you to enter items that are in limited stock, and block the sale when the items are out of stock:

Updated 4 weeks ago

Disable ticket printing

If the receipts are printed by default, you can temporarily disable this by using the check mark. The feature will remain active until the employee logs out.

Updated 8 months ago

EFT devices

When you work with integrated EFT devices, each cash register is linked 1-to-1 to a device. However, when the device is out of use, you can choose a different one via 'EFT devices'.

Updated 8 months ago


Clicking on 'Facilities' will bring up the home screen of your cash register, showing an overview of all the areas and any other facilities (sales points).

Updated 8 months ago

Print reports

Within the booq POS, several reports are available that can be printed from the app on the receipt printer.

Updated 8 months ago

Reopen order

Within the 'Reopen Order' feature, you will see the last 300 receipts of that day.

Updated 8 months ago

Search order

Via 'Search Order' you can search for orders that are currently open as well as closed, completed orders.

Updated 8 months ago

Self-service status

You can disable Online sales channels such as QR ordering, Kiosk, etc. via the app

Sylvester Bekkerin
Updated 8 months ago by Sylvester Bekkerin

Shift management

When an employee logs into the POS system, a shift is started by selecting a cash drawer or wallet.

Updated 8 months ago

Tipping registration

When an order is being settled, it is possible to enter a higher amount than the total amount. When you then select a payment method, the change and tipping function is activated.

Updated 8 months ago

Web links

Thanks to 'Web links' you can make a direct link to a webpage, to be opened via the booq-app. These web links are added via the back office.

Updated 8 months ago